About Us

Lebond Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of various kinds of Retractable Cargo Belt, located in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, China, between Shanghai and Hangzhou city. We provide tie-down hardware solutions for the logistics and cargo industry across the world. Our products meet the quality standard of American Automotive Industry and have been used by most major auto manufacturers in the United Stated such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc. for more than 20 years. We have an office in California, United States that specifically handles the sales and services for our products in the United States.

LEBOND® not only possesses advanced production facilities but to ensure the quality of our products, LEBOND®  has an extensive testing laboratory, which was built in accordance with US auto industry standards for quality control. In addition, we formed a first-class research and development team in order to develop, design, and alter products based on our customer's needs. The LEBOND® series ratcheted tie-down cargo retractors are our new generation patented products to meet the needs of modern cargo transportation and logistics. They can be utilized for securing cargo in various forms such as to pallets, forklifts, trucks, car trunks, vehicle transportation and more. The new Tie-Down system is a revolutionary advancement in cargo fastening and shipping technology. Our system will forego the need for traditional plastic stretch-wrap and packing belts. Not only are the products of LEBOND® easy to operate, highly versatile and cut down on costs, it also eliminates pollution and is an environmentally superior alternative to traditional cargo tie-down methods.

Customized production and individual service is our unique feature. This means we are not only supply high quality of products, but also can supply custom-made products based on the user's particular needs.

Lebond Equipment Technology Co., LTD., with a united and enterprising attitude, meets the challenges of the new era of modern logistics and creates a better future with new and old customers.