"Two-in-one" Steel Binding Pallets



The steel pallet has a solid structure, high strength, wear resistance and temperature resistance, which is more suitable for the transportation and storage of heavy goods. It also occupies a place in the modern logistics storage system.

● Automatic rewinding and bundling can make the goods more tightly and tightly to prevent loosening and ensure the safety in the transportation and storage of the goods.

● Instead of wrapping film, various packing tapes or ropes, etc., greatly reducing the cost of the enterprise.

● Simple and convenient operation, saving manpower.

● The binding belt has a service life of more than 20,000 times, and can be easily removed from the tray for easy maintenance and replacement and recycling.

● The manual release mechanism can easily release the lock function, which is convenient for cargo unloading.

● The binding strap can be automatically rolled after use, hidden inside the tray, not exposed, and will not affect storage and forklift use.

● The use of bundling straps can greatly reduce the need for plastic films and other disposable bundling materials, reduce environmental pollution issues such as recycling and disposal of waste plastic films, and achieve green environmental protection.

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